Fossil Q Founder

Fossil is joining the smartwatch bandwagon with the new "Fossil Q" line! With a range of four "connected wearables", the main one — called the Q Founder — is probably the most intriguing, and has undoubtedly gotten the most attention so far.  

The Q Founder is the top of the line. It has a full touchscreen display, is powered by an Intel chip and is compatible with Android devices 4.4+ and iPhone 5+. It has a number of features, such as tracking activities, receiving notifications and connecting to your favourite apps, whilst having heaps of customizable faces to fit your likings. However, it has adopted that iconic "flat-tyre" from the Moto360. Aside from this, the watch really looks like a classical, traditional watch, which is great if you want to make the transition to smartwatches without picking something too bold (like the Pebble smartwatch).

Since being teased back in August, the Fossil smartwatches are only listed on their US website. It looks like it will match the Huawei and Samsung smartwatches (at around the $500 dollar mark). This smartwatch finds a nice balance between comfortable, stylish and affordable, so that you don't have to break the bank for that perfect accessory.

They really look like how a smartwatch should. This is a watch that I am really looking forward to getting my hands on, especially since it's so style-savvy and gorgeous. It seems to be that perfect blend of functional and beautiful. The Australian release date is something that I am constantly monitoring on their website.

By Emily Armanios