Four Luxury Smartwatches

Four Luxury Smartwatches That Are Taking the Market By Storm

Smartwatches are quickly rising in popularity, and big companies are starting to take notice. Luxury brands are starting to create their own watches, with a focus on maximising the style and look of the watch — as well as making it just as practical.  Here we've compiled a list of the biggest luxury smartwatches that are either out in the market or are soon to be.

1. The Tag Heuer Smartwatch

     Tag Heuer Carrera

Also called the Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01 smartwatch, this luxury device will have a battery life of 40 hours, and compared to the Apple Watch's 18 hour battery life, it seems like a huge step up. It has also been rumoured that the watch will be upgradable, meaning that as the technology develops, the watch will too. It will go on sale in November and will cost approximately $1,800 AUD. As for the software, it will be left in Google's hands, using Android wear. Let's see how compatible it will be with iOS.

2. The Frederique Constant Smartwatch


This Swiss luxury watch is quite amazing with a battery life of just over two years, a stainless steel case, a classy-looking leather strap and a compatibility for both iOS and Android phones. It tracks not only sleep patterns but walking and running activity, and functions "entirely autonomously" according to the official website. It's selling for $1,750 AUD currently and has a very alluring charm to it.

3. The Vector Smartwatch


With "less gadget, more style" headlining the Vector Smartwatch website, it is a very elegant looking watch with a 30-day battery life. The watch connects with either iOS, Android or  Windows phone devices, and uses discrete vibrations to alert you of texts, notifications and alerts, which you can then view with a glance at your wrist. There are two versions of the watch, with a rounded-looking one (called the Luna) and another that is more rectangular (called the Meridian), at $470 and $350 AUD respectively. Currently, it is only available for preorder.

4. The Apple Watch

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly one of the most famous smartwatches that has come out recently. As well as their Apple Sport and standard Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Edition is an 18-Karat Gold watch that sells for around $17,000 AUD. It certainly is a pretty watch, and comes with a variety of straps and colours, that isn't so different from its siblings — other than the fact that it is around 40 times more expensive. That's just to be expected though, and having a luxury smartwatch is all about the brand — which Apple certainly delivers.   

By Emily Armanios